For the past month I have been using a set of Nintendo DS systems within the Alternative Program class that I teach here at Boort Secondary College. The program is run during the normal scheduled French class and is aimed at improving the literacy and numeracy skills of the students. Each week we set time for a variety of activities including homework catchup and skill builders over a variety of subjects along with a double period working on a community or school based project. Across the course of the year the students self esteem and confidence has also improved substantially which has been fantastic.

The Nintendo DS systems have been integrated to work on their skills in a engaging and fun way. The class set that we purchased contained 4 games.

Maths Training – A game that aims to improve all aspects of basic mathematics by using fun interactive games.

Brain Training & More Brain Training – A game that mixes both literacy and numeracy to work out your Brain Age (An estimate based on your responses and times on games)

Sight Training – A game to improve all aspects of Focus ability.

The catalogue of educational games is steadily increasing and I have just made an order for the cooking game which takes people through recipes in an interactive way, which could be useful for a home eco class and those disengaged boys? So has it worked in this class? Have a listen to the Interview I conducted with the boys themselves to see what they think. What do I think? Well in a class that was almost impossible to get them to sit still to complete anything, they are now sitting through entire lessons without saying a word, completely focused on their workand their progress. Are they engaged? They sure are.

Look forward to reading your comments.

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