Ok so I thought i would wait a few days after my first post so i could think about which web 2.0 tools I would share first, heres what i decided


This awesome website allows you to quickly and easily create a multiple choice quiz that can be downlaoded and completed via a mobile device. Once you have completed your quiz it provides you with a web address link to the quiz that the kids can access through their mobile devices via the internet.  Once downloaded the quiz is stored on the students phone and can be completed over and over again. When a student finishes a quiz it asks them to enter their name and gives the user the option to send results via text message to the creator. Alternatively the quiz can be downloaded, stored on a USB stick then transmited to a students phone which is a longer process but you wont be charged for the download via your mobile phone carrier (small fee anyway)

What better way to spread you learning then through a device that the kids all have an use all the time. My students are showing genuine interest in completing revision quizzes via this method, they think it is fantastic, so give it a try you will be suprised just who you might engage.Honestly how many kids would prefer to write? Id say a very small percentage and that number wil soon be zero.


The next one is ‘Wondershare Quiz Creator’, this program is brilliant and allows you to make electronic tests using a variety of questions formats such as multiple choice, true and false, fill the blank, matching, click map, word bank, short essay/question. The quizzes are fully interactive and once completed can be uploaded to a website for your students to complete via a computer, or they can be saved onto a shared network drive and the kids can access them from that.

Aside from being highly engaging the best feature of this program is its ability to mark your work for you, yep no more correction, the program will recognise correct answers from a list that you enter and provide marks based on a criteria that you set up. Its Brilliant. Further to this it will email student results directly to you with a breakdown/analysis of the results. Students also recieve instant feedback and are sent a breakdown of their results, where they went wrong and what they should have done

If your intersted in seeing a working quiz up and running have a go with one ive created for one of my PE subjects http://jarrodro.googlepages.com/Nutrition.html