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If you have attended one of my sessions, then follow the link below to access all of the conference material.


5 Responses

  1. Robbo
    Awesome work as always, how did the Wiimote & golf club go?

    Ben :-)

    • Thanks Ben. I demoed that today at ACHPER, the pe teachers were freaked out that it was so simple to do. Thanks for the help in getting it all setup

  2. Thanks Robbo. I have had fun installing the reader software on my mobile and even more fun reading QR codes. Unfortunately my phone isn’t internet enabled but nevertheless this is sensational technology and I can see lots of uses in teaching and learning. As an avid geocacher (boxerdog) I can see how it can be integrated into this sport as you suggested at VITT09. Have u used wherigo (www.wherigo.com) as a geocaching exercise?
    Thanks for your QR presentation at VITTA09

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