24 Hours & A Mobile Device

Without a doubt the number one device present within all forms of my teaching and daily life is my Mobile Phone. While I still utilise a Laptop & Tablet devices when the appropriate situations arise, I simply cannot go past…

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Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 25

Beep Fitness Test A sleek and simple Beep Test app that is by far the best looking Beep test app on the App Store. What seperates this app from its competitors is its number of test variations, which include the…

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The PE Geek Mobile App

  Version 2.0 of ‘The PE Geek’ app is now available allowing you to keep in touch with the latest videos, blog posts, app reviews and news from the world of Physical Education and technology.  The app is available for…

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Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 23

CoachMyVideo – Private Coach Edition The paid version of the popular free video analysis app “CoachMyVideo”. New features included in the paid version include the ability to analyse video direct from online streaming sources, such as YouTube. This is a super powerful addition inside of…

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iPads & Android in Physical Education Workshop
Join me for an action packed one day workshop focussed on integrating emerging technologies into the PE & Sport Science classrooms. The day will explore current technologies and emerging pedagogies which are being used in innovative Physical Education classrooms around world

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Bendigo, Tuesday May 17th (Register Now)

Melbourne, Friday 22nd of July (Register Now)