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Jarrod is available to speak at conferences, seminars, schools, and to pre-service teachers at national and international levels. He seeks to inspire his audiences to consider the effect of new technologies and the implications these have on students, teachers and learning.

Jarrod is also available to run tailor-made, hands-on workshops for individuals, schools & regions on a variety of topics. He always receives stellar feedback with the following being an example

“Truth it was the best PE workshop I have ever attended in 20+ years of teaching”

“This has been a fantastic event, the course was tailored to the audience and time was taken to explain and help”

“As someone who already uses a lot of tech in PE – I was very impressed with how much more I learned. Enjoyed this very much!”


Feel free to contact Jarrod below for further information or to discuss a potential keynote, workshop or presentation or see a list of upcoming events here

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11 Responses

  1. Hello jarrod,
    My name is Darren I’m a PE teacher from Ireland. I have followed your website and twitter account and I am very keen on introducing IT into my PE classes. What I’m looking for is advice as to how to introduce it into my classes. There have never been any technology used in the school PE before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Your ideas, apps and vision is top class. Thank you

  2. Hi Jarrod.

    My name is Nate Gildart, a board member of JASCD, an organization that provides professional development to teachers in Japan at international and American military schools. Would we be permitted to link your blog to our web site?

    Thank you and kind regards.
    Nate Gildart

  3. Jarrod, I enjoy reading your blog and learning about new ways to incorporate technology into my lessons. I am from the Chicago suburbs in Illinois. I would like to add your website as a link from my page if you are okay with that. Keep up the good work! Mike Graham

  4. [...] Jarrod Robinson is a physical education and outdoor education teacher who utilises emerging technologies in his classroom. He presents regularly at state, national and international conferences on various digital technologies and how they shape 21st century physical education. You can find further information on organising a workshop, seminar or keynote with Jarrod at http://thepegeek.com/speaking. [...]

  5. Hey Mr. Robbo, I am very sorry about your presentation. I am not trying to get credit. I did not understand the procedures. I thought we could use it for our own use, and modify it so the people in our own school board recognize who is asking for more technology in P.E. It was not share with anyone it was just in the works and trying to adapt it to some Apps I would like to use. Sinceres appologies..

  6. Jarrod would you be able to assist me and my colleague using your apps at our school in Melbourne?

  7. Hi, I just read about your “Balance It” app and how you can use it with a projector system. I have a BIG screen and projector in my gym which is connected to a PC. Can you tell me how I can get the app from my phone to the PC so that I can run it on the projector? Thanks!

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