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7-tools new posts, offline
7 Tools to Help You When You Have No WiFI

Over the last 6 years running The PE Geek Workshops throughout the globe I’ve been able to get a real sense of the various challenges that teachers face with the implementation of technologies in their classes. One of the recurring…

top-apps-45 apps, new posts, topapps
Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 45

QR Stopwatch Recently Kevin Tiller shared this powerful little timing app that utilises QR Codes to start & stop a timer. Essentially all you have to do is hold the QR code in front of the scanner. The app will then automatically generate…

digital_access_pass connectedpe, new posts
Digital Access Pass for ConnectedPE

As many of you will know the ConnectedPE Conference is about to commence in Dubai and we’re excited to offer you a chance to catch many of the sessions from the comfort of your home with our Digital Access Pass Whats the…

Light Gate apps
Light Gate Speed Testing from your Mobile

Over the years I’ve blogged a number of times about the amazing mobile application ‘FitnessMeter‘, however, I often get asked questions about its setup and different ways you can use it for conducting flying sprint tests. So with this in…