The PE Apps Roulette apps

The PE Apps Roulette

I’m a massive fan of the unknown, the spontaneous and the excitement that comes with a surprising reveal. So with this in mind, I wanted to create a cool little-randomized way to discover a new app for your Physical Education…

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Top Apps 43 apps

Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 43

Obstacle Workout An amazing new app designed with the sole purpose of helping people get fit for the obstacles of life. The app couldn’t be simpler with just one click, Obstacle Workout will automagically create a fresh 30-minute high-intensity workout…

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The 7 Day PE App Giveaway

See below for a list of the apps available for FREE during the 7-day app giveaway. Sign up to receive email reminders each day to ensure you don’t miss out! Each day we will send you a reminder at 9.00am…

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Blog POST (1) apps

The 8 Best Phys Ed Apps

I often get asked about my favorite apps for the PE Classroom. It’s a difficult question to answer, however, the 8 apps below regularly end up in my suggestions. ¬†Balance It¬†– A Task Card Resource for PE Teachers. A simple…

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sworkitkids apps

SworkIt Kids

It’s no secret that I’ve been a massive fan of the SworkIt app, having blogged about it extensively in posts here and here. It’s also a major feature in my PE Geek Workshops, always proving to be extremely popular amongst…

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