Light Gate apps, new posts

Light Gate Speed Testing from your Mobile

Over the years I’ve blogged a number of times about the amazing mobile application ‘FitnessMeter‘, however, I often get asked questions about its setup and different ways you can use it for conducting flying sprint tests. So with this in…

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Fitness adventure apps, new posts

Turn Your School into a Fitness Adventure

Imagine a game that enabled you to place virtual monsters in your school or local town that your students had to hunt down with their iPhone or Android Device and battle with exercise. Sounds like fun? Well, we’ve been busy…

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Sprint Timer apps

Photo Finishes with sprintTimer

Without a doubt one of the most game changing mobile applications is ‘sprintTimer‘.  Essentially the app turns your iPhone or iPad into sprint timing app complete with photo finish employing the same techniques as the professional equipment used at the Olympics….

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Loop it apps

Animated Gif & Looping Video Maker

I must say It’s been quite a while since I released a new app, however, the time is right to finally release a tool I’ve been eager to bring to life for quite some time.  The desire to make this…

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Vertical Jump apps

Super Easy Vertical Jump Testing

This time last year, I blogged about an amazing mobile app known as ‘My Jump‘ in the following post. The app was the first of it’s kind scientifically validated to measure vertical jump height. This ultimately meant that it was now…

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