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  • Ish

    Hi mr robbo. Have you come across an app called instant replay. This app is brilliant, I used it to record my u11s team play football. This is how it works I start to record the footage as soon as the app is turned on but when I press the record button it save the last 10 sec only giving me only the part that I wanted (saving me time and effort going through 90 mins of footage & trying to find &edit the footage I want) after I have finished I end up with a selection of 10 sec clips in my camera roll. Which I put together and post them onto a private you tube account which the kids have the password for. On you tube I add freez frame add coaching comment just like they do on match of the day when they analyse after the match. Great for education. Only problem the app no longer works on my ipad since I upgraded from iOS 5 to ios6 I have tried to contact the developers no response. Do you know of an app that can do the same? Am desperate kids are getting frustrated at not watching themselves on tv and not getting some feedback. Can you help ish hussain

    • mrrobbo

      There are a number of apps called “Instant Replay” can you confirm with a link which one you used to use. I am working on an app that does what you have mentioned but takes it to an even greater level.

      • ish

        Sorry Mr Robbo I do not have anything at all I have bee trying all morning to find it, no luck. if you are working on something similar, maybe you could have a look at an app called (coaches eye) is their any way you could combine this with what I talked about earlier. ideally i would like to get the 10 sec footage & use coaches eye to make my comments using the drawing etc.. but instead of recording my comments vocally i would like to type instead.
        I would then like to put all clips together & burn them to a dvd instead of uploading it to you tube which takes roughly 1hour for every 5 mins of footage this is very time consuming. in the mean time i will keep searching for it & hope you come up with something that works on them lines. if you do let me know i would be willing to pay for it. thanks ish

  • ish

    Hi Mr robbo, I have found the app I was talking about . It is called HIGHLIGHTS SPORTS RECORDER by KX Products you can get it from itunes.

  • PE teacher

    Hi! I can’t find easy planner for ipad. Can you help me with a link? Thanks!

  • Tim Luck

    Can anyone recommend a good timing app for either an iPhone or Android please? I am looking for something which can record over 50 cumulative laps and save the data.

  • barbara Hickling

    Hi PE Geek, Do you have an app with short brain breaks/ energisers/ physical acticvities which you can do in the classroom/
    I would be pleased if yuo couls let me know

    • mrrobbo

      I suggest you checkout the app called ClassBreak by my good friend Dale Sidebottom.

  • Michel Xhauflair

    Hello PE Geek

    I’m starting T&F unit and I’m wondering if you have an App to keep track of all my students’s records.

  • nicole

    Hi! Has anyone found any good apps for bracket creators!? I am trying to run a tournament in one of my classes and would love to be able to run if off my iPad! Thanks!

    • Chris B.

      Bracket Master is a great one to use !

    • alichia

      the best one out there is It is also free to use.

  • El

    I am looking for an app to record laps for a mile run. I would want to have my class list to record number of Laps and their time. Does an app like this exists?

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  • Jennifer

    Hi Jarrod, alias PE Geek, great website! Only I am missing the O’See Video Delay app. Great app with a nice price and good quality. Very usable for all kinds of sports. If you want you can check out the website:
    Personally I would recommend it, I use it for my gymnastics training. Still improving my skills, but getting there ;-)

  • Harry

    When Easy Panner will be ready?

  • Harry

    Easy Planner I mean!

    • Kevin Tiller

      Check out They have a website and app that both work great. Looking forward to easy planner too!

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