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Chrome Extension for Instant QR Code Creation


During my holiday period I started work on a small, but useful Google Chrome Extension with the aim to make the creation of QR Codes even easy and more efficient. Essentially the QRCodify Extension, once installed allows a user to create a QR Code out of any webpage they are currently on, simply press the little button in the top of your browser and instantly you have a QR Code. However it gets even better, as users can right click any web link or select a slab of text and instantly convert these into QR Codes ready for download. Check it out in action in the video below and then download it for FREE in the Chrome Web Store.



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6 Responses

  1. What a great idea!! Excellent!!

  2. I’ve used “Mobile Barcoder,” for Firefox, for a couple of years now. I even installed a portable version of Firefox onto a USB stick so that I could have the browser and several apps anywhere that I went. If you are giving a presentation, and it is projected, you can quickly share a page, link, or text on the page by creating a QR image, “on the fly.”

    Your app does all the above, and it installed “instantly” on my Samsung Chromebook. Works great!

    Not sure if you’ve seen the “Attendance 2″ app for iPad/iPhone. The neat feature about it, is that you can batch in students, and then the app will create a QR ID for each student. You give your students their QR ID badges. Then you set up the app to run on your device, and as students display their QR codes, the app marks off who is in attendance. If you want to see a quick list of those absent, it shows that to you. Also, has a way to email those absent, etc. *I’m a web developer/Blackboard admin at a small university in the USA. I bought a copy ($5), and tested it out, and could process about 12 students (QR) in 45 seconds. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/attendance2/id536206472?mt=8

    If you need to record audio with your Chromebook, this works well.

    Flash/Flex audio recorder for Chrome.


    • The QR Code feature in Attendance 2 is pointless unless of course your talking about automated attendance procedures when the teacher was not present. Other than that its a gimic

  3. Okay, just one suggestion for QRCodify. Could you make an option so that you could display different sizes of the QR image? As I said in my previous comment, I would use the QR image projected on a screen or wall was I am giving a presentation/lecture, so having an option for it to be displayed “gigantic” would be useful. Thanks.

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