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The 2013 Asian Tour

Im excited to share with you the details to the 2013 Asian Tour which is being organised as a pre conference lead up event to the 21st Century Learning Conference. The information regarding locations, dates, duration and workshop themes can be found below. If your in the region during those dates and interested in coming along, you can register yourself or your school here. Any questions regarding the tour can also be emailed to registration@21clhk.org

Thanks immensely to the host schools in the following locations

Singapore - The United World College of South East Asia

Brunei – Jerudong International School 

Kuala Lumpur - Garden International School

Hong Kong – Hong Kong International School 

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4 Responses

  1. I will be there at the HK one, cant wait! Anyone else from HK going??

  2. Dear Jarrod,

    Maybe a silly question but would it be possible to attend one of your conferences online? We have friends in the IT department at UWC who might be able to set up a connection for us in order to follow your presentation whilst being in Europe. We are not in a position to come to Asia for one of your session but I am interested in finding out more, What do you think?

    Remke Langendonck


  3. I will be attending. Just trying to figure out how to get tickets. Anyone know?

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