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QR Codes, Coaches Eye & The 21st Century Skill Poster

As you would most likely be aware, I am a massive fan of QR Codes and there application within the classroom. Since discovering them in 2008 I have gone on to blog extensively about how I have used them in the classroom and ideas for possible future activities, with one of my all time favourite ideas being QR Coded posters. (If you are are still unsure what a QR Code is I suggest watching the video here)

In the Physical Education classroom QR Codes posters have enormous potential and a number of PE Teachers have been using them within their classes to effectively duplicate their teaching, while ultimately moving towards a more student centred approach. So I with this in mind I wanted to share with you two high quality examples of these posters in action.

Example 1

The following example by @Joeyfeith  from www.thephysicaleducator.com  effectively combines text, pictures and video into a one stop package for skill development.  (See example above).  Simply Print them out, laminate and display them in your Gymnasium for a great self paced individualised instructional activity.

Example 2

The following QR Code on the right,  links to a video created by @alex76thomas whom utilised the fantastic mobile app “Coaches Eye” to produce a video narration and telestration highlighting the key aspects to the ready position in Volleyball. The video  highlights just how powerful the combination of a QR code and instructional video can truly be. To top it all off this entire process was completed in only a couple of steps

  1. Film your footage using the Coaches Eye App
  2. Complete the narration and telestration during playback, calling out the key performance points
  3. Upload the video to hosting site from inside the app, such as YouTube or the Coaches Eye website.
  4. Use the URL from the video and a website such as www.qrstuff.com to produce the QR Code
  5. Scanning the code using a mobile application such as Redlaser or QR Droid will instantly playback the video below

Have you used QR Coded posters below? How did it go? If not how could you use them?


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11 Responses

  1. I love this sharing practice, please keep it up!
    We have used QR codes to help students during the unit of gymnastics. Students could progress through the various skill levels and watch the video that was linked to the QR code themselves. Especially the more able students enjoyed receiving new challenges this way. Lots of examples available at http://peteam.weebly.com/ict-in-pe.html
    We have also been using QR codes to improve rules knowledge by having a substitute view a rules video that was brought to them via the use of a QR code.
    Feel free to use any of the videos/QR codes on the website!

    • Remke

      I love you work and have passed on your website to people whenever I run a workshop on the use of QR codes in PE. You can be rest assured that people are indeed using them. Keep up the great work

  2. My yr 9 HPE students created a 21st Cent. Skill poster, but due to restrictions on videos of students being posted on youtube, I used aurasma instead. Worked really well – only draw back is that each poster is ‘linked’ to an iPad (1 of 5 class set). Will def repeat for next year – focus on the video next time

  3. Hi Everyone! Might seem like a silly question, but does anyone else have trouble with QR codes in their school? We actually had a student put one on a campaign poster for student council, and administration ripped half of the poster off, because they said it encouraged smartphone use in school. I feel like with 21st century learners they are ready for this and it is such a great tool for us, but because technology can be used wrong there are so many restrictions (like youtube videos Robert, love how you used another strategy), that it hinders us. Can anyone comment or make any suggestions? I’d love to use this technique in my classes, but am not sure it will be supported. Thanks for all the helpful information I love it!

    • Kelly

      Its disappointing as you have expressed that schools are still banning and imposing restrictions on what is a necessary tool for operation in the real world. My view is very much in line with teaching students appropriate behaviour, working with them to reach a level of trust surrounding mobile use. The reality is if we dont do this give-take relationship we end up with students covertly bringing in devices and by no means following any sort of guidance or support. I am constantly reminded of learner drivers when i think of mobile usage. Would we ever allow a student to jump in a car without the supervision of an adult while learning? Yet we expect students to navigate the roads of the mobile world without ever support from schools. For me this makes the argument for appropriate, smart use very clear.

  4. what is the code

  5. Here is my fitness blog where I posted links to some posters I created for my PE class, QR codes included. Enjoy!


  6. Here is a link to my fitness blog I just started with links to posters I made for my PE class with QR codes. I have also used them in my small community gym. Enjoy!


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