Easy Assessment – Version 2.0

After receiving over 10,000 downloads in the last 6 months. Time was right to commence work on an update to reflect the success and popularity of the Easy Assessment App. With this in mind I present to you version 2.0 of the app, designed with your feedback and suggestions firmly in mind. Some of the new features include

  • Class List Import via an csv (excel) file within your Dropbox Account
  • View all students assessments in one space
  • Weighted rubrics
  • Faster return to the home screen via toolbar swiping

To download the app, visit the App Store and search “Easy Assessment” or click the following link. If you previously have version 1.0, you can update the app for free. Visit the “App Store App” on your device and select “updates”.

Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 17

Video in Video

A first app of its kind in the app store allowing the user to produce  a picture in picture effect in a matter of minutes. In a PE classroom this could be used to do a comparative analysis between pre and post lesson skill development.

Pocket Heart 2

A brilliant way to learn and review the function and structure of the heart in 3D. Students can explore the case studies in full detail or complete a ‘locate pin quiz’ to test their knowledge. Connect your device to a larger screen and share the app with your student group.


This nifty little app allows you and your friends to film the same event from multiple angles. Simply login to the application and start recording, the app will determine your location and others within your proximity and seamlessly piece together a video including all of the various angles. In a PE classroom students could use this to film high quality sports footage within a SEPEP film crew role.

Water Your Body

A great way to track your daily water consumption in a very visual and intuitive way. Use it as a prompt to discuss hydration and how various conditions effect required intake.
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