The PE Games App

After months of development, I am pleased to share a brand new iPhone/iPad/iPod app with you that should prove to be extremely useful in practical sessions. The app idea came about after I realised that their needed to be a more user friendly and mobile way to research and plan games and activities to play in your class. With this in mind I decided to make the PE Games app a reality.

PE Games has been designed to be the premier app for PE Teachers on the app store, containing over 100 games in a variety of categories. Once a user finds a game that they want to play they can press the ‘ plus’ button in the top right to add it to their current lesson. Games can then be added and deleted as required, creating a quick snapshot of the games for your upcoming session. Other features of the app include the random tab, in which a user can ‘shake’ their device to receive a random game.

However the most exciting feature of the app is ability to add your own game categories and games. This means that over time you can turn the app into an enormous resource of games that you play in your classes.

For a demo of the app in action, check out the video below or visit the app store to get it 

Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 12


A really solid iPhone app that allows users to set a target pace for activities such as jogging, walking or running. The app then uses your music to inform you if you are keeping pace with your set target by altering the pitch of the current song. Running too slow? Well the app will slow your music down to give you a nice audible cue to speed up. Brilliant.


GroupGames was designed for teachers in the outdoors whom require quick and minimal equipment activities that help with team building, ice breaking and problem solving. Featuring over 50 games users can also submit and request games to feature inside of the app. Available on the Android Market here

Beep Test Trainer

A great app that allows users to facilitate the classic beep test with ease. You can also use the app to facilitate training by starting or looping the test at a certain stage. I recently used this app to introduce my junior students to the beep test while participating in a “Team Beep Test” warm up where students work in groups of 4 or 5 to get as high as they can by sharing the running load.

Stress Check

Another one of those apps that made me go wow on first use. The app uses the devices camera to measure heart rate variability and in turn can use this information to track overall stress levels. A great tool for introducing students to the concept of arousal and readiness for optimal performance. Available as a free version also


CoachNote is an exceptional app that allows users to record set plays and game strategies for a variety of team sports. The coach simply drags the icons onto the screen to represent the players and can then record the movement of the players and the ball as they narrate. This app fits perfectly into any Games Sense or TGFU class, where students are responsible for developing deeper understanding of the why behind the sports they play.

Arookoo: Walk +Game

Arookoo is a one-of-a-kind iPhone App & Website that turns walking into a game by sending you on fun challenges that motivate you to move around your city. Arookoo rewards you for increasing the amount of steps you walk each day by completing a wide variety of fun activities. In a phys ed class users can discuss how tools and initiative such as they help promote physical activity opportunities


A useful app for athletic coaches that allows users to determine appropriate training loads. Users start by scrolling the app to their finish time for one of the following distances between 800m to a Marathon. The user is then provided with approximate training targets for building aerobic base, developing lactate tolerance and increasing V02 max. Even though these figures are just a guide they can lead to discussion in senior classes about important physiological concepts and how they link with training

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Make Your Own Apps In Minutes

In the past year I have received numerous emails asking the best and easiest way to go about designing ‘apps’ for classes etc. The question varies depending on what type of functionality they desire, however for anyone looking to build an app that links together content from multiple web sources such as RSS Feeds, YouTube videos, twitter accounts etc then I am recommending two tools to get this done in a matter of minutes.

1) Web Apps – The benefit of building a web app is the fact that they are designed for multiple devices, meaning that anyone with internet access can access the app by simply visiting the URL while on their device. They also offer some of the basic features of native apps with an increased level of flexibility. For a step by step video guide to building your own app and making it accessible in a matter of minutes, check out the video below

To see the web app developed in the video above in action, scan the QR Code below or visit the following link on your mobile device

2) Native iOS/Android and Windows Phone Apps – If your craving a little more flexibility in your apps and would prefer to follow the official route in terms of submission to the app store and android market, then you might be interested in the “The App Builder”. Check out the step by step video to building an app below.

The PE Geek Apps Website

In recent months I have begun development of a offshoot website for app development. The website can be visited via and provides a myriad of ways for users to interact and gather assistance surrounding any of the apps within “The PE Geek” range.

You can also sign up for the “The PE Geek Apps” mailing list to stay in touch with the latest apps set for release. Feel free to ‘Like’ the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. If you have an idea for an app you would like to see made into reality, get in touch with us and let us know or vote for other ideas at the following link.

Check out the support pages for the existing/upcoming apps at the links below: Easy Assessment, MusicWorkout, 12 Minute Run, Step TestRun Lap Tap, PE Games, Group Games

Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 11

Zombies, Run

Every now and then an app comes along that totally breaks new ground. Introducing Zombies, Run an awesome running adventure that takes place in a zombie infested world. How does it work? Users simply place their headphones in and commence running. The app will take you on a wild ride as “Runner 5″, who seeks to help build the ‘Abel Township’.

The app uses the internal GPS to simulate zombies chasing you at different moments throughout the mission. As you speed up, you escape the, slow down and your gone. Ultimately what we have is a new age twist on interval training with a really exciting story telling component added  in. Check the video of the app in action here

Chronology Timer

A great stopwatch app that allows for multiple timers to be ran at the same time. It works in both countdown and count up modes. Really useful for cross country events or situations where one person is required to time multiple things.  Also comes in a free version.

Virtual Heart (iPad)

This FREE iPad allows users to see inside of a model heart as they change the Heart Rate from resting right through to max. It then allows users to label key components or explore elements such as blood flow, right through to valves/electrical impulses. Will be using this in class to help visualise the concepts of acute responses to exercise. For example, have students complete a step test and determine their HR, then use the app to show them what their heart actually looks like at that exercise load. Grab it here


Use this app to have your music guide you through interval training sessions. Simply set the rest and work lengths along with the number of sets and have the music on your device tell you when its time to work and rest. Users can choose from 3 ways to be informed of a change in interval;

  • Change volume at rest (Music gets quieter) and resumes at work
  • Pause music at rest, resume at work
  • Receive a bell at rest with music continuing play

CoachPad (iPad)

A brilliant app that can be used by coaches to organise teams and develop team tactics and strategies. The app allows any sports ground to be added by image import, meaning that even the most obscure sports can be used. This is a must have in any Games Sense based classroom.

Breathing Zone

This groovy well styled app is perfect for guiding the users through deep breathing exercises that promote relaxation. In a PE or sports science class this app can be used to teach theoretical components such as, mental rehearsal, imagery or other sports psych  theory.

Body Age

This simple app guides users through a series of fitness tests covering all key fitness components with the idea of eventually providing you with an overall body age. A great way to explore or introduce senior students to the concepts of fitness testing, protocols, chronic adaptations and fitness components. I really recommend checking out the rest of Simon Taylors other apps perfect for the PE Teacher here.

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The PE Geek Giveaway

Recently this blog hit an average daily traffic figure of 1000 views, to celebrate this I am giving away a really groovy prize perfect for anyone utilising iPads or any other 10 inch tablets in their classes. So what is it you may ask? Check the video below for a demonstration of the exciting HeloStrap

As you can see the HeloStrap is an incredibly useful device for PE teachers, sports coaches, students and anyone using mobile devices.

So how do you win it you may ask? Its simple…..Reply below ensuring you leave your email and I will randomly pick the winner from a hat at the end of March 2012 and post anywhere in the world.  Feel free to share this competition with as many people as you like. A number of runner up prizes will also be awarded including promo codes for free apps from The PE Geek  Apps