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The Body Browser

Discovering the wonders of the Human Body has always been one of my favourite topics to learn and teach. From exploring the bones of the body to understanding the process of energy production, the human body seems to capture students imagination.

With this in mind, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across ‘The Body Browser‘ by Google a few months ago. As the name suggests Body Browser allows the user to navigate through the human body with speed, precision and complete anatomical accuracy. Check out the video demonstration from Betchaboy below.


So how could you use this in a PE/Health Classroom?

  • Explore the cardiovascular/respiratory systems and how they respond to exercise and training
  • Use it to explain the flow of blood through the body and how it supports oxygen is transportation
  • Explore the different organs of the body in detail to give students and understanding of organ donation and diseases
  • Teach the different planes of the human body and explore anatomical terminologies
  • Learn about the Central Nervous System and its role in muscle fibre recruitment
  • ……etc etc

How could you use it in your classes?

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5 Responses

  1. its worth mentioning that body browser requires a modern day HTML5 compliant browser. I recommend google chrome

  2. Hi Mr. Robbo,
    I am a student at the University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. I watched your video on “The Body Browser” and I must say it’s a pretty cool program! I myself, am fascinated by the human body and all that it is capable of doing. I believe this is an excellent program everyone who is interested in how the human body works, and everything should have. I am going to download it myself and check it out. I think you did a fantastic job by posting it into your blog so that it would enable others to start using the program themselves. Once again, I enjoyed reading your blog and you can visit my blog anytime you wish, and leave a comment as well. http://hunttracyedm310.blogspot.com
    Tracy Hunt
    EDM 310 student

  3. [...] promote physical activity that rewards discount codes for iTunes, Kmart, Officeworks, EB Games, and Body Browser: a new google tool allowing you to navigate through the body (the body always had our full [...]

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