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How My Students are in ‘The Zone’

Recently I posted about the online video analysis software ‘The Zone’ and how I was planning on using it this semester. Now that we are half way through the new term I have been able to use it a number of times and have shared my ideas in the video below.

You can try out ‘The Zone’ for free here

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5 Responses

  1. Good post, Jarrod. Our P.E. department are just starting to investigate video analysis software and they only one they’ve seen so far is Dartfish. I have been looking for cheaper alternatives and have found Sports Motion & the open source Kinovea. What software did you previously use that you found cumbersome?



    • previously used Swinger Pro, which was very cumbersome and counter productive within secondary college classes. Great thing about the zone by silicon coach is that its a totally web based program, meaning that it is available wherever you have a working internet connection.

  2. Hey come visit our website http://www.siliconcoach.com and learn more about the Zone and get Free Access!

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