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Futuristic Maths Worksheets?

After presenting a session at the VITTA conference last month entitled ‘The Complete Guide to using QR Codes in Education’, Ive decided to finally film and blog a couple of the activities I had the participants complete.

The first is a ‘futuristic’ maths worksheet that contains QR Codes under each problem. Upon scanning the code a step by step tutorial is launched in Youtube explaining the process of solving the problem.The second activity is based around a life-sized model of a human heart. The heart is broken into major components and each of which has a unique number. Upon scanning the QR code that is associated to the number, a name of the component is revealed along with links to descriptions, Youtube videos and online tests.

To see it all in action, check out the video below.

If you are unsure of what QR Codes are then I encourage you to read through my previous posts surrounding their use within education or my presentation from the VITTA conference.

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7 Responses

  1. [...] a recent post on his blog, he shared a video that he created that demonstrates one ways QR Codes could be used in educational [...]

  2. Hey Mr Robbo,

    I have been a fan of your mobile phone use in the classroom since following one of your presentations via ustream when I could not have been there. I recently sent a link about your QR code post on twitter and it was RT by a couple of people with substantial following which is testament to the work you have put in.

    Your work is great mate, well done.


    PS QR codes are starting to finally getting some momentum so I am sure you will start to see more traffic to your blog posts!!

  3. [...] after I started networking with fellow PE teachers through Twitter, I stumbled on a blog post by Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo) that detailed how he was using QR code technology to enhance his math [...]

  4. About to give the QR code thing a go but am concerned about the cost to students. Being new to this and 100% clued up on how it all works have quick quesiton. You can download QR readers for free yeah… but does scanning the QR codes and retrieving its information cost money to the user? From what I understand, if you embed a website link in the code, for some users it would cost them money to access the website (depending on their mobile contract). But what if you just embed text?

  5. [...] “creative open-ended mathematical explorations AAA Math – interactives for K-8 math Futuristic Math Worksheets – a great idea to teach math using QR codes to reference to a tutorial on YouTube; by mrrobbo [...]

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