Futuristic Maths Worksheets?

After presenting a session at the VITTA conference last month entitled ‘The Complete Guide to using QR Codes in Education’, Ive decided to finally film and blog a couple of the activities I had the participants complete.

The first is a ‘futuristic’ maths worksheet that contains QR Codes under each problem. Upon scanning the code a step by step tutorial is launched in Youtube explaining the process of solving the problem.The second activity is based around a life-sized model of a human heart. The heart is broken into major components and each of which has a unique number. Upon scanning the QR code that is associated to the number, a name of the component is revealed along with links to descriptions, Youtube videos and online tests.

To see it all in action, check out the video below.

If you are unsure of what QR Codes are then I encourage you to read through my previous posts surrounding their use within education or my presentation from the VITTA conference.

Could We have Done This 3 Years Ago?

Today I stumbled across an amazing video on Youtube of an Eminem concert. Now your probably thinking, whats so amazing about that? Well the fact is that the concert was never been commercially filmed. So after a bit of investigation I soon found that the video I was suprised to be watching, had been spliced together by a very talented young kid. To put it as simple as possible, he basically searched Youtube for any videos of the concert that had been filmed using cell phones. In his searches he found videos from all angles, and points of view from all of the songs within the concert. He then downloaded them from Youtube and began to piece them all together in time with a CD Quality audio release of the concert. I think you will agree the final product is nothing short of incredible.

View It here

Proof that those tiny little devices we carry in our pockets, allow us to do amazing things. So why do we continue to deny students the opportunity to create original content with them?

So what does the ability  to remix and recreate content mean for education? Could we have done something like this 3 year ago? What else could we not have done 3 years ago?

My Blog As A Wordle Part 2

During November last year when my blog was in its infant stages, I decided to place it into a Wordle to see what the most common themes were throughout my posts. It was great to see that one of central words was indeed students and that my major interests in mobile phones and nintendo were prevalent.  

So after a year of blogging and learning a million and one new things, I’ve decided to do the same thing again to see if there is a difference.


Overall a very interesting excercise to see how my thoughts have changed during the course of a year. Its also great to see that students remain at the root of my work. Finally it was interesting to note the changes in my interests throughout this year, with QR Codes and their use in education featuring quite high. Try it out for yourself by visiting http://wordle.net/create

My Edublog Awards Nominations

It was about this time last year that I started blogging my experiences with using technology within my classes. It initially started out as more of a test exercise to learn how I could have my students blog, however after receiving my first comment it soon became very exciting and very rewarding to post.  During these initial stages I learnt about RSS and began reading a variety of other blogs which I found to be simply superb.

Flash forward a year and its now time to nominate people for the 2009 edublog awards . My nominations are as follows;

Best individual blog – Betchablog - I find myself checking my RSS feed on a daily basis to read the new stuff that Chris posts. From tutorials through to his opinions, Chris does it with clarity, thoughtfulness and a passion to assist others in improving their use of technology in the classroom.

Best individual tweeter – thecleversheep- Initially I was unsure of how I could use Twitter effectively. However through reading it Rodd’s tweet I soon started to share my own experiences and my learning went through the roof.  Now not a day goes by where Rodd isnt posting a mixture of educational goodies through his twitter stream.

Best resource sharing blogThe Clever Sheep - The first blog I ever really read and it is still my favourite blog when it comes to the sharing of interesting resources. A quick trip over to Rodd’s blog will result in me finding out lots of cool new tools or interesting ways in which to tackle a particular problem.

So there are my nominations, what are yours?

Vote @ www.edublogawards.com