Why You Should Make Your Lessons Fun

This video is simply excellent and certainly supports the notion that we will choose to do that which we find fun over that which is dull and boring anyday. Thankfully, this has always remained at the forefront of my mind when planning my lessons….

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How To Make Powerful Virtual Learning Tours

As some of you may be aware I have finally purchased an iPhone and couldnt be happier. To put it simply they are simply amazing and certainly get me really excited about the future of mobile learning. Anyway I decided…

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The Future Of Mobile Learning?

All I can say is ‘Bring it On’……I simply cannot wait to harness the power of these new devices in schools when we have guaranteed saturation amongst our students. What sort of possibilities will this open up, what sort of…

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A Kinesthetic Reading Adventure

Remember those books where at the end of every page you had the choice to turn to say page 15 or page 35 depending on how you wanted the story to eventuate? Well for a long time now I’ve been thinking…

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iPads & Android in Physical Education Workshop
Join me for an action packed one day workshop focussed on integrating emerging technologies into the PE & Sport Science classrooms. The day will explore current technologies and emerging pedagogies which are being used in innovative Physical Education classrooms around world

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Bendigo, Tuesday May 17th (Register Now)

Melbourne, Friday 22nd of July (Register Now)