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How I Hate Correction

One thing I’ve certainly heard thrown around the staff room is how much teachers hate correcting traditional tests and exams. I would fall into this category as well at times and would much prefer to complete rich assessment tasks that are an absolute pleasure to assess, but we are obligated at times to teach students in the traditional ways so that they are prepared for their final assessments and the format they will be conducted within.

Now given my dislike towards correcting them, I’ve been investigating a heap of different online test creation tools that provide instant feedback to the students and the teachers about what they do and don’t understand. Here’s the list of tools Ive compiled, with help to some of the people within my Twitter network. If your looking for a way to give instant feedback and cut through the pile of correction, why not set an online test? Or better still have your students create their own to give to others?



If you are looking for a more professional quiz creation tool then you cant go past Quiz Creator by sameshow. I purchased a copy last year and have been amazed at the types of questions you can create and the analysis it provides on the people who take the tests.  You can find a couple of examples of tests Ive created using it recently here and here


The ClassMarker online testing website is a professional, easy to use online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you


Make A Quiz  allows users to create their own customised quizzes on the internet. Once created, These quizzes can then be sent to friends and family for them to take!

And a few others I havent had a chance to utilise as yet.





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4 Responses

  1. I think every teacher hates correction

    • Thanks for reminding me of quizlet, I bookmarked it awile ago now and forgot about it. I need to put it on the list of things to try next semester. Cheers

  2. I could not live without quizlet. The testing is important, but I use their review games and flashcards with my students all the time.


  3. Just stumbled by chance on this blog entry. http://www.learnclick.com wasn’t around when you wrote this post, but it still might be useful for you to know it. With learnclick you can very easily create cloze test quizzes. It’s also possible to create classes and check the students scores.

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