Watching My Classes Heart Beat

In year 7 Physical Education we are learning about the different body systems that allow us to complete physical activity. This week we started looking at the role the circulatory system has in the body with a focus on heart…

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21st Century Exams?

Today during my senior Physical Education class my students completed a test under exam conditions. The test was on the topic of ‘Biomechanics’ and to the naked eye it looked very much like one of the traditional tests I sat…

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Filling a Bucket or Lighting a Flame?

Friday the 15th May saw the annual Innovation Showcase at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne. It was an absolutely excellent event that clearly followed the theme of linking educators to share innovation. The first session I attended was “Flat Classroom Walls” by Anne…

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Your Course In A Wordle

Recently I was desigining an opening page to the ‘How Fit Are Wii’ program. I needed something that summarised the intent of the program with a real quick snapshot. So I decided to copy the program outline into Wordle to see what it came up with….

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iPads & Android in Physical Education Workshop
Join me for an action packed one day workshop focussed on integrating emerging technologies into the PE & Sport Science classrooms. The day will explore current technologies and emerging pedagogies which are being used in innovative Physical Education classrooms around world

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Bendigo, Tuesday May 17th (Register Now)

Melbourne, Friday 22nd of July (Register Now)