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How I’m sending my students around the world

During my Year 7 Geography class next term we will be embarking on an exciting new unit of work entitled ‘Where in the World’. The unit will see students drawing a monster on a piece of paper that is laminated and attached to a travel bug. The travel bugs and monsters will be sent to a variety of locations around the world via good old ‘snail mail’ and then they will be geocached by the recipients in their local area.

Once they have been hidden I will go online at www.geocaching.comand report them and their GPS co-ordinates and sit back as people scatter around finding them. Once people find them they report it on the website and attach pictures and a story of how the whole process of finding it occurred. The people who find them then need to move them to a new location with the process continuing over and over again. My class will be watching the whole process from the other side of the world via a Google Map.

In class we will be learning about the locations of our monsters and writing stories from the monsters perspective about how it must feel to be visiting these overseas locations. Really looking forward to getting it up and running for April 20th and seeing where the students monsters end up. For a more detailed explanation and a look at the monsters and the travel bugs you can check out the video below. I must also thank @thecleversheep, @lkolb, @jshults who have offered to hide the first lot of travel bugs in their respective counties. So obviously this unit could be further developed and extended so if you have any ideas about how this could happen or you would like to participate them please let me know.

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7 Responses

  1. I think this is fantastic. I just sent you an e-mail with my address if you need more volunteers. I’m forwarding this to several teachers to see if they want to do something similar next year.

  2. A nice idea!
    We would be happy to give the bugs a stop over at the Geographical Association HQ in the UK.
    Contact me via the GA’s website or tweet us @GeoBlogs for more details…

    Alan Parkinson

  3. Hey, if you want one to start in Kansas City, MO…send me a line. Geocaching name is TripCyclone or you can leave a comment on my blog at tripcyclone.wordpress.com

  4. Would love to receive one of your monsters in St.Petersburg, FL. If you are interested you can contact me through geocaching.com – name is abaralt or my blog http://elementarygeocaching.blogspot.com/.


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